Why invest with District Growth?

When choosing to invest your money, you have many options. However, at District Growth we offer rare and exciting opportunities. Our investors make direct investments into real estate assets and we deliver preferred returns in properties with substantial margins. What makes us unique is that we co-invest in all properties and handle the entire development process in house.


First, we work directly with the homeowner to obtain properties. Our process allows us to cut-out the middleman and maximize cash to the seller.


Second, we internally develop, design, and build select properties with our proven practices, personnel, and partnerships.


Finally, we orchestrate the marketing and sale of the completed project. This holistic approach allows us to reposition the property to maximize its potential.

Investing Information

Our process results in value creation along the entire lifecycle, which protects preferred investors. In addition, we underwrite our projects on a rental basis. This means that there is always a contingency plan in place, which produces stable, uncorrelated returns for our investors.

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