Discover how we serve the people of the District.


You want every detail scrutinized. Every square inch considered. And that is what we love to do. We imagine you pulling open every drawer and turning every knob. Before ever breaking ground, we meticulously consider the experience in every corner of your new home. What should the floors feel like barefoot on a cold day? Where will the natural light come from sunrise to sunset? In the end, we deliver well-choreographed projects marked by distinct quality, function, and design.


In Washington, DC each home, each neighborhood tells a unique story of resilience and beauty. Our goal is to honor the vibrant history of the District while helping write the next chapter with you. When we collaborate on your project, we do so with an eye towards modernizing the aesthetic while maintaining the individuality and historic features of each home. We don’t exist to replace, but to enhance and restore with your partnership.


As housing demand soars, District Growth is committed to the continual development of exceptional homes for people of all income levels. We do this by increasing the housing supply for our city’s ever growing population with specific intentionality towards affordable units. DC is expensive, but it belongs to everyone here. Join us in our vision and connect with us below.